Photo: 25 Superior Hip Virgo Tattoo Design

The key to bearing an exclusive and custom made tattoo design is to opt for zodiac tattoos. Considering the fact that this tattoos are very prevalent yet uncommon provides a suitable opportunity to possessing a personalized and unique tattoo. Owing to the fact that every zodiac sign consists of a gorgeous design or symbol linked to it provides a variety of designs from which to choose from. Often popular among Astrology believers are the zodiac tattoos but based on the available designs, non-believers might also be inclined towards zodiac tattoos.



The Virgo comprise of individuals born between 22nd August and September 23rd, having that in mind its crucial to unveil the hidden meaning in the zodiac symbol. Belonging to the sun sign or star sign depicts introversion, feminine and earth sign. Symbolizing a virginal maiden matches the sign with perfect tattoo design for females. The Virgo tattoos express the independence and feminine side of the bearers. Individuals bearing Virgo tattoos portray confidence and a tendency to accurately measure the dispositions of folks in their environs.

Comprising of a lettering style, the Virgo symbol tattoo doesn’t have a plain copy of the glyph. The symbolic representation alludes to the person’s star. The letter “M” symbolizes the star of the individual, its often incorporated with other images in the design.





The Virgo symbol tattoos for woman. The most popular design is that of the maiden which can be standing, sitting, with wings, sleeping or nude, etc. this are some of the designs one should consider getting. Due to the large size of the Virgo maiden tattoo, its only right that its done on the hip, thighs, back or even arms.

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The symbol itself is stunningly tattooed, the symbol consists of letter “M” in lower case. With various styles such as blades, ankhs, infinity symbols and fish symbols the various versions are integrated to produce great art.





Prevalent among girls, hip tattoos have become a wrath as a result of the sensual pleasure associated with this tattoo. With the minimal fat and muscle in the hip area, one can guarantee pain while tattooing. This is as a result of the needle pressing down on the nerves and bones.

It’s a fascinating place to have a tattoo. Despite the advantages that include being hidden from people it’s also symbolic of the signs creativity and uniqueness.
The hip virgo tattoos are ideal for exposure when one is on the beach wearing a bikini or low waist pants and jeans.





The opportunity cost of enduring the much pain involved with a hip tattoo should be worth the design tattooed on your hip. Numerous designs can be done on one’s hip. Of great importance is the knowledge that the tattoo is very painful to remove, I would therefore recommend a temporary one.
The fashion of tattoos on the hips is here to stay despite the agony involved.


The designs include:


1. Dolphins designs
2. Leaves designs
3. Heart designs
4. Fairy designs
5. Floral designs





Suited for individuals who want an abstract, intriguing yet small tattoos; Virgo constellations is the answer. The tattoo can also be expanded to facilitate other constellations. For persons interested in small tattoos, the constellations brightest star known as Spica can be a profound way to give credit to Virgo without having to ink a huge part of the body.

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Representing various arrangements of stars, Virgo can be stained in numerous styles with a range of designs as required by the persons involved. Virgo constellation is among the designs; the design involves an arrangement of stars depicting the Virgo. This makes it possible to view the tattoo in a Virgo perspective. The Virgo constellation tattoo is a great idea for girls.























Making a tattoo is a very responsible decision in the life of those that want to have it. You should always remember that tattoo is made for the whole rest of your life and its meaning will be always fallowing you. Our website provides the visitors with some great 25 Superior Hip Virgo Tattoo Design. Everyone will find here something that will satisfy him, no matter what exclusive taste he has.

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